Commencement of Fun 'N' Food Kingdom

In Dec 2003,the long-awaited day came and the gates of Fun 'N' Food Kingdom promised were opened. Fun 'N' Food Kingdom promised "fun for whole day" to the people of Dehradun and the tourists who visited the area. Tourists from nearby Mussorie were targeted as a potential market, since the cite was a typical destination of people of surrounding towns during long week-ends. Nearby was also a few hundred boarding school, and parents visited their children often looked for locations to offer a break to the youth's hectic study sessions. what better break could these parents offer than a visit to Fun 'N' Food Kingdom ?

Success of Fun 'N' Food Kingdom

The park was initially designed as a showroom, but its early success—with so many people of various castes and creeds from various regions flocking the park all year round—meant the park needed immediate epansion.

The management wasted little time adding money and energy to the enterprise, and before the next season even began, the park had a new waterpark section. Ideal for guests to enjoy during the sunny days of hot summers, the waterpark offered a cooling plunge in a nearby pool and the excitement of a waterslide. Ultimately, Fun 'N' Food Kingdom became the destination for complete family fun.

Expansion of Fun 'N' Food Kingdom

Since its opening, the park has kept on expanding in all directions, adding a plethora of fun such as water features, restaurants and redemption games.

Today, after several years of its completion, the park has grown many fold. Included are 18 dry rides such as a Pirate Ship, a Swing Chair, a Free Fall, Bumper Cars and, of course, a Roller Coaster. While those rides tend to cater to adults, the kids also have rides to claim as well, such as the Santa Train ride, the Caterpillar, the Carousel and a Jungle Safari ride.

Water park enhancements include seven slides for adults, six slides for kids, including a Pirate Ship.